How to Create 3D Images From Your Favorite Photos

3d pictures are a lot more realistic looking than their flat picture counterparts, but you also need to be aware of the limits of your software as well. If you aren’t careful you can easily get so close to a perfect look that you ruin all of the details and lose some of the true definition that makes 3d pictures so cool. This is why it’s important to understand what you’re trying to do before getting started – understand your limits. Here are some things that you need to watch out for:

When making 3d pictures in PowerPoint, first you need to begin with superbly high quality images and ensure that the areas you wish to add (the 3d effect) meet two specific standards. Image Criteria #1. High contrast. You need to ensure that your subject stands out starkly against its surroundings, rather than blending into the background. If you have a dark background with a bright foreground then you will see the effect of the 3d photo far more clearly than if you had a very light background and a dark foreground.

Image Criteria #2. Use slightly different angles. This allows the viewer to view the 3d pictures from slightly different angles and to take in the illusion of depth. The angle at which the subject is viewed from should also be different than the usual view that you would get from a point-and-shoot camera and should mirror the normal angle of the actual shot.

Image Criteria #3. Use stereo. Stereo 3d photography can give a whole new perspective on your photo. By making use of stereo techniques in your 3d photos you are effectively “printing” the photo onto another layer of film. Stereos are available in two formats, namely Rapidshare 3D and Coolpix.

Creating 3d pictures using photography software is a fun and rewarding hobby for all photographers. You will be able to experiment and explore different options with different cameras and techniques until you find the one that works best for your photos. With some patience and practice you will eventually develop your own style of 3d photography. You may choose to create your own theme or you may choose to stick with the stock picture that is available in most stock photography websites.

3d images are usually captured using digital cameras or from professional photographers using film. Digital photography has revolutionized the way that anyone can take and share 3d images. To capture your own versions of these amazing 3d pictures, you only need to visit an online gallery that offers high-quality 3d images. You can then publish them on your website, blog, or send them to your friends by e-mail or use any other method that makes sense to you.